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Fine Art on Emu Eggs

Owned by artists Ted Kology and his wife, Corinne Power, PK Creations offers a variety of one-of-a-kind gifts that evoke sighs of admiration from art lovers and collectors alike. This talented couple discuss and work on egg designs, finishes and bases together, with Ted doing the actual carving. All designs are original. 

Each piece is unique and nothing is ever duplicated. All eggs are signed and dated and come with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist. 

Corinne relates that the average time for Ted to carve an emu egg is between eight to ten hours, with only an occasional loss. "We try to incorporate all of the natural environment for each subject in our eggs so that the finished product is indicative of what one would see in nature. Our bases are merely an extension of that line of thought."
In addition to painting and helping with egg designs, Corinne expresses herself by designing and making jewelry. All jewelry comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist. "We had seen polished bear claws and wondered what the emu claws would look like." When they had birds processed, they had the processing plant save the claws and began the arduous task of polishing them. Corinne relates that it took many hours of standing on their feet polishing the claws with a jeweler's rouge on a polishing wheel to achieve the beautiful results seen in these photographs. Compared to eggs, the claws are very soft and are much more difficult to carve. Since they are also curved, it also limits what is put on them. A necklace similar to the one shown in this article could be made for $250.00 
kr1_jpg32011353771661_30.jpg (5646 bytes)
When Ted retired in 1992 as the Director of the Apache Arts & Crafts Center for the Army in Ft. Hood, TX, he and Corinne looked for a way to supplement their income. They had emus boarded at a friend's ranch outside of town, so had easy access to emu eggs. Having some experience with wood carving, Ted tried his hand at carving emu eggs, displaying a talent manifested in winning Best of Show, two First Place (Jewelry and Fancy Cut) and a Second place in the Painted Category at the Eggs-Ibit 
International in Dallas, Texas that same year. 

Other awards for Ted and Corinne quickly followed: 
1993-Two First Places in Fancy-Cut and Painted and 
Second Place in Jewelry. 
1994-First Place in Jewelry-Second Place in Fancy- cut. 
1995-First Place in Folk Art and Second Place in Mechanical. 
1996-Two Second Places -(Fancy-Cut and Folk Art). 
1997-First Place in Folk Art and Two Second Places in Fancy-Cut and Miniature. 

Several galleries around the country display their work: Artcetera Gallery in Chicago, IL, 
Fallon Fine Art in Lampasas, TX, 
Grandma's House in Kerrville, TX, 
Motomo Gallery in Eaton Center, NH, 
Sable V Gallery in Wimberley, TX, 
Southwest Country Gifts in Lampasas, TX, and Wallace Enterprises in Lampasas, TX. 

Ted and Corinne limit the number of fine art shows they attend each year, but always go to: 
 -the Cotillion Club-La Merienda fine art show at the Art Center of Corpus Christi in March 
- the Eggs-Ibit International in Dallas in June 
- Christmas at Old Fort Concho in San Angelo, TX in December. 

If you are unable to attend any of these shows or visit any of these gift shops and galleries, you can contact them via: 



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