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Artist:  Marg McCarthy

First Place - Painted Category
Second Place - Painted Category
Third Place - Best of Show

Mmswan1.jpg (12042 bytes)Mmswan2.jpg (7364 bytes)Mmswan3.jpg (13475 bytes)
First Place Winner - Painted
and Second Place - Best of Show

Mmcougar1.jpg (8222 bytes)

Second Place Winner - Painted

I  had a successful egg artist tell me once that when she grew up she wanted to be Marg McCarthy.  Not surprising, when it comes to ultra-realism, there are few artists of  McCarthy's caliber.  She is able to capture not only the movement of the subject, but also it’s personality.  It is as though she has caught that one perfect moment in time and frozen it on an eggshell.  You expect that at any moment the movement will begin again.  

Mcarty3.jpg (24951 bytes)Painting on this fragile canvas instead of a more traditional surface seems right to Marg.  She finds the simplicity and shape of the shell itself to be both an art form and a challenge.  The curved shell varies in texture and color, even within the different bird species.   She has worked on everything from finch eggs no larger than a jellybean to ostrich shells over 20” in circumference.  

  McCarty FrontMouse1.jpg (11787 bytes)McCarthy bacl mouse.jpg (11362 bytes)
Mouse on a Brown Hen Egg

Each animal portrait is done entirely freehand.  “The eyes seem to be the best Mcarty8.jpg (27686 bytes)starting point for me.” Marg tells us.   She went on to say that she uses both acrylic and water-mixable oil paints on the shells.  Among her customers the emu eggshell seems to be the consistent favorite because of the color and texture of the shells.  The egg above and to the left is called "Free Spirit" It's on an Emu shell that didn't get the top cuticle so it's the lighter aqua color. 

Mcarty1a.jpg (33906 bytes)Mcarty1b.jpg (25469 bytes)Mcarty1c.jpg (31686 bytes)Mcarty1d.jpg (35210 bytes)
"When I Grow Up"

"When I Grow Up" won 1st Place in Hand Painted at the Dallas Eggs-ibit International  show.   You can see how protective the Mother Egret  is of her babies.  

Mcarty7.jpg (16210 bytes)"You can bet I wore the magnifier glasses to do this one." jokes Marg.  No wonder, this dove shell is only 1" high, even with the stand it only reaches 2".  Four tiny Chickadees circle the egg, which won First in Miniatures this year at the Dallas Eggs-Ibit International. 

Mcarty2a.jpg (40323 bytes)Mcarty2b.jpg (11479 bytes)Mcarty2c.jpg (10930 bytes)Mcarty2d.jpg (51834 bytes)

"Hangin' With the Big Guys"

Marg occasionally does an egg as a donation piece.  The emu egg above, "Hangin' with the Big Guys"  is for The Gabriel Foundation in Aspen, Colorado, a non-profit parrot rescue/sanctuary.  The tiny little Hahns Macaw is being looked over very carefully by the Blue and Gold Macaw.  There is a Scarlett Macaw, a Severe Macaw and a giant Hyacynth Macaw.  The Hahn's being the smallest of the Macaw family and the Hyacynth being the largest.   

Mccarty6.jpg (32399 bytes)In 1999, Marg was chosen by the American Egg Board and the Colorado Egg Producers to paint an egg representing the state of Colorado for a display at the White House.  As she worked on the egg, it became her quiet tribute to the children and teacher killed at Columbine High, Littleton, CO in 1999.   The state flower is the Columbine as well as name of the school.  The Rufus Hummingbird is a symbol of friendship.  The egg was on display at the White House in April 2000, during the one year anniversary of the tragedy.  Marg has been chosen to paint an egg for 2002.   

margTreefrog2.jpg (8137 bytes) A member of the International Egg Art Guild, she recently won her Intermediate Master's rating.  "It is a tough program because they want to see your best work.  I flunked the Intermediate the first time I tried it and it really gives you the "push" to try harder because the only competition is yourself."  Marg encourages new egg artists to push themselves too, and to try painting.  “It can be used along with just about any other form of eggshell art to give an extra little spark to their creations.” 

Read more about Marg McCarthy in Karen Meyer's article "A Passion for Art, Animals and Eggs"

Visit her website, The Eggcellent Collection

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