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Featured Egg Artist

Lynne de Boer

In a world where we expect our dry-cleaning and photos back in an hour, pizzas delivered in 30 minutes, and for those web pages to come up instantly…..there is a serene little corner of the world where time is unhurried.  It is a place where focus and concentration reign supreme.  It is the egg art studio of Faux-Berge artist Lynne de Boer. 

The creative process includes some unique design elements.  For her beautiful carriages, (Click on the coach to read more about that particular work of art.) de Boer designed a special undercarriage which is now made by a company for her, using her original design.  She rarely uses traditional egg stands and is always on lookout for unusual items that can be incorporated into the design to hold the egg.  Vintage candle holders, perfume decanters, plant stands or compotes may catch her eye and be integrated into the design to hold the egg. 

Another item she checks antique shops for is vintage jewelry.  Many of her creations use period pieces by makers such as Eisenbergt, Weiss, Bogoff or Hollycraft.   Some designs allow for removal and use of a special vintage broach or other jewelry.  Each Faux-Berge egg is remarkable in color.  The artist mixes paints and stains, and as many as a dozen different layers of color may be applied to achieve the depth, opulence and resonance desired.  In addition to the application of paints, there are at least 10 coats of acrylic polyurethane to add strength and protect the painstakingly applied coating.  Imported silks, satin and other materials are used to line jewel boxes or the tufted carriage seats.

As can be seen from the three colorful eggs below, whether working with whimsical or elegant designs, de Boer brings all the design elements  together with panache.


Displaying astonishing reserves of self-discipline, de Boer is so meticulous that she will apply thousands of sequins by hand to a single egg in order to get the effect she sees in her minds eye.

For example, the ostrich egg to the right, Snow Fairy, which we show open, has a meticulously paved inside top.  Unable to acquire flat holographic sequins in packages, the artist removed over 1200 of these tiny, 1/4" sequins from fabric strips and placed them individually on the egg.   These were placed individually and overlap each other to cover the holes.  The final effect is a magical rainbow effect that changes with the slightest change of angle or movement.  (To read more about this particular egg, click on the picture.)

Nested sets are a specialty with de Boer.  In most cases the Ostrich, emu, rhea, goose, chicken and cockatiel eggs are decorated  in the same theme and colors.  Occasionally she receives a request for a 'family' egg with the individual eggs which fit inside expressing the individual tastes and color choices of the family member.

Many of de Boer's designs incorporate drawers, music boxes, or other surprises.   For example, looking at the beautiful jewel box to the right, you might expect to open it up and find only a cache for storing jewelry.  Not so.  Covered in over 3350 Swarovski Rhinestones, this creation features an easily removable Christian Dior brooch that is signed twice (very rare).  After wearing, the brooch can be placed back on the egg.  You would think that would be fantastic enough, but no, there is more!   The elaborate finial on top of the egg is actually a perfume dauber.  the glass tube that holds the perfume is fitted into the top of the egg and is easily refillable.   In addition to being a perfume decanter, the egg is a jewel box.  There are two drawers and the top opens up to reveal a nesting place for jewelry.

In addition to the specially designed undercarriage and other design elements mentioned above, de Boer utilizes sable or white fox on the floor of the carriages.  Seats are padded with tufted satin, silk or velvet.  The walls and ceiling are padded and tufted as well.  All windows are curtained and the doors are held closed by tiny magnets.

Because of the time constraints on each creation, Lynne de Boer does a limited number of Faux-Berge eggs each year.  Most recently her work has been placed in  The Egg Man's Egg Art Gallery at 612 Caroline Street, Fredericksburg, VA.  Email the artist for a list of upscale shops carrying her work. 

Lynne De Boer
3060 Vesuvius Lane
 San Jose, CA  95132
The Elegant Ostrich

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