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Artist:  Lee Michele Boyle

First Place – Diorama Category
First Place - Decorated Category

Second Place - Best of Show 

click to view larger version and read about 
the creation of "Stallion's Spring Foals"
First Place - Diorama
Second Place - Best of Show

Click to view a larger version and to read about 
the creation of "Polly Wanna' Play"
“Polly Wanna' Play”  
First Place - Decorated Category 

The art of Lee Michele Boyle is more than just a realistic rendition of her subject; she manages to capture personality, a sense of humor or delight in her subject.  Not an easy task when you consider her chosen medium is the most fragile of all canvases – the egg.  

Boyle1.jpg (22931 bytes)
"An Emu's Life" 
(vinegar-etched emu egg)
Boyle2.jpg (35881 bytes)
"Flipper's Family" 
(vinegar-etched emu egg)

Lee has always had an interest in art in one form or another.  She tells us that she has been drawing ever since she was old enough to hold a pencil.  Early exposure to the work of artists such as J. F. Lansdowne and Glen Loates influenced her creativity, as did other ultra-realism artists.

Boyle3.jpg (50885 bytes)
"Ocean Orcas" 
(vinegar-etched emu egg)
Boyle4.jpg (63004 bytes)
"Wolf's Moonlight Howls"
(vinegar-etched emu egg)

"When I first saw the wildlife art of Carl Brenders, I knew that he was an artist after my own heart!  His eye for detail and his passion for God's furry and fine-feathered friends, which I share, have continued to be an inspiration to me.  As a Canadian, I have also been fortunate to be exposed to the wildlife art of our own famous Canadian artist, Robert Bateman.  I have had the opportunity over the years to attend local art gallery shows featuring both these fine artists, and have enjoyed hearing stories of their personal wildlife encounters that inspired them to create their next masterpieces.”  Lee tells us that she and her Mother toured through Europe and Israel, a trip that allowed her to experience the original of the ultra-realism artists - the “Old World Masters”, her favorite?  Michelangelo.  

Boyle6.jpg (41243 bytes)
"Moonlight's Majestic Wolf" 
(vinegar-etched emu egg)

Boyle7.jpg (46851 bytes)
"Moonlight's Maternal Bond -
Burchell's Zebras" (vinegar-etched emu egg)

Lee has experimented with a variety of artistic mediums over the years.  It is through her eggart, which encompasses pysanky, vinegar-etching, scratch art, painted (acrylics), coloured pencils, artist's pastels, enameled (Faberge) and marbleized, hinged, diorama, polymer clay/fimo and other sculpted creations, lattice, and deep relief carving, that she is able to merge all her interests and experiences into one medium.   Most of her original one-of-a-kind designs follow a theme inspired by nature's animals, birds, or flowers, or by her faith as a Catholic. The animals you see used in her dioramas are sculpted by the artist, as are many of the egg stands.   Choosing or creating a stand to complement the overall design of the art is very important in creating a “finished” look and is included when planning the composition. 

Boyle12.jpg (28796 bytes)
"Swirling Stripes" 
(goose egg with Zebra 
painted using acrylics)

Boyle14.jpg (22526 bytes)
"Mornin' Glories" 
(goose egg 
painted with acrylics, 
handmade fimo

"Swirling Stripes" is an excellent example of incorporating or continuing the design onto the base.   The stand chosen for "Mornin' Glories" is perfect for the subject matter. 

This airbrushed goose Boyle9.jpg (20839 bytes)egg used in "Black Swan" is cut with hinged wings.  The wing texturing was added using plastercloth and molding paste, and the hand-made fimo/plastercloth lily pads and flowers are situated to balance the egg, yet give the appearance that the swan is landing just past them.

 The egg (below right) "Frankenstein Lives", is unique.  The Boyle5b.jpg (34902 bytes)castle is a vinegar-etched emu egg and the Monster's head is a pheasant egg created using pencil crayon and pastels with a hand-made plastercloth body.  "I particularly love the challenge of taking a "deformed" egg (such as the pheasant egg from which I createdBoyle5a.jpg (26731 bytes) the Frankenstein Monster's head in "Frankenstein Lives!", and the rhea egg from which I created the hole in an iceberg with a seal popping up out of the water to greet a polar bear cub in  "Polar Ice Pals") and creating something special that enhances its uniqueness" smiles Lee.  

Boyle8.jpg (40833 bytes)When Lee was cutting the oval inserts for the door of her prizewinner, "Stallion's Spring Foals", she utilized the remaining egg in "Birds of Paradise".  This vinegar-etched emu egg has pastels added (see side) and the diorama is decorated with hand-made fimo ferns, Birds of Paradise and a hand-painted cockatoo figurine. 

All of Lee's works are one of a kind originals done on real eggs.  For more information, please visit here or:

Lee Michele Boyle
Lee's Legacy
1054 Northmount Drive, N.W., Calgary, Alberta T2L 0B9, Canada
Telephone Number: (403) 289-1722
E-Mail Address:
Visit her web page at Lee's Legacy

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