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Art Imitates Life - on an Emu Eggshell
by Myra Charleston

When most people first see a Gary Gunn original, there is a sharp intake of breath and then an "Ooh" sound. The detail is extraordinary, but then so is the artist. The Texas artist tells us that he has been carving and rubbing on things all his life but didnít start on emu eggs until a couple of years ago. He raises emus himself and has a plentiful supply of eggs. His interest was piqued when he saw what another artist had accomplished and hasnít looked back since.

Gray Alpha Wolf.jpg (16497 bytes)Gunnsw16.jpg (12636 bytes) Selena.jpg (27951 bytes)

Emu eggs have several layers of color ranging from white, several shades of green and then a final layer of an almost black dark green color. Gary tells us that he only uses one out of maybe 10 eggs, choosing only the smoothest of the usually rough textured eggs. He spends 3 hours wet sanding each egg to make it even smoother before changing the plain dark egg into amazingly life like portraits of celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Garth Brooks, Seleena, Oprah Winfrey, and his best seller Ė John Wayne. 

Johnw2.jpg (19877 bytes) johnw.jpg (13871 bytes)

Depending on the subject, he will spend from 8 to 16 hours on each egg with the resulting work of art so lifelike that it could have been taken from a photograph. Gary Gunnís work is on display at Neeley's Gift's Galore to Waxahachie, TX.
Darthmau.jpg (29874 bytes)

Visit his web site at http://www.carved-eggs.com

Or contact him via email at gwgunn@airmail.net

Or telephone 817-396-4276


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