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Enchantagrave is a Family Affair
by Karen Myers

If you've ever been fortunate enough to have an artist enter your life -- and fate allows you the opportunity to delve into that creative soul -- you may just be lucky enough to see the spark that lights the journey of that interpreter of beauty. And though the word "artist" may evoke images of individuals lopping off an ear, giving life to soup cans, or dancing around a canvas to a silent song while brushes loaded with paint spill their contents wherever gravity dictates, maybe, just maybe an artist will slip quietly into your life. Maybe, too, the powers that be will allow you to catch a glimpse of a diamond in the rough -- one that's not even dusted off but holds a brilliance all its own. What begins as a faint glimmer will, with the right care and cutting, grow into a mesmerizing radiance as you brush away whatever kept you from discovering the gem before. Once you uncover your find and allow yourself to bask in its glow, there is little doubt that more treasures will follow. And one such jewel, one such artist, with many roads to travel still, is Kris O'Conner.
At first glance, Kris' eggshell sculptures have an elegant simplicity that almost lets you slip by but on your double-take, they will grab you by the scruff of the neck and demand your attention! You'll soon discover that they have no intention of letting you go until you immerse yourself in the crisp details that have a grace and fluidity all their own. So, you have definitely been warned my friends, and know too that if you try pulling yourself away from them, well... Well, let's just say that it won't be easily done.

Like some before her, and some that will follow, Kris' creative journey began when she was a child growing up in Neenah, Wisconsin. One of her grandmothers taught her to crochet when she was just five years old. Her other grandmother was an elementary school teacher and when Kris was with her, their creations originated from felt, beads, sequins, and whatever struck their fancy. Every Christmas, Kris and her grandmothers made gifts for her parents. As if having two grandmothers passing on their gifts ofcreativity were not enough, her mother taught to Kris to sew! Now you know why Kris' true love and interests have always belonged to creating works of beauty with not only her hands but her heart as well. With her imagination being nurtured so gently and lovingly, it was only natural that Kris taught herself many crafts and new techniques as her creativity blossomed. About the only formal art background Kris had was a course in "textile arts" in high school. During high school, Kris did take a fancy to something other than art though and that was a young man named Jim who just so happened to be taking a course in "graphic arts". And, yes -- for you romantics at heart -- they did date for a while before going their separate ways.

It is interesting how life has its little twists and turns and it is wonderful when something we love plays a major role. As fate would have it, what was once a "family affair" with Kris, her mother, and her grandmothers, took on a whole new meaning. About ten years after high school, Kris and Jim -- you remember, the boyfriend who took the graphics art class -- ended up crossing paths and eventually married. Now talk about a "family affair"!

Kris and Jim now work side by side with their business, "Enchantagrave". Pretty wonderful, right? And what a story for the grandchildren!

Both Jim and Kris work on designs together for Kris to engrave on glass, mirror, and most especially, emu eggs. Their love of one another and their love for art, is leading them down some pretty interesting roads. Their interests in subject matter are varied and that leads them in a number of directions. By utilizing their varied interests and each other's strengths, they are able to provide their customers with some unique and beautiful creations. The quality of craftsmanship in their creations, and the presentation of their work, is definitely a compliment to their efforts and hard work. Lest I forget, their devotion to one another has its role in their success as well.

The journey before Jim and Kris is truly bright from where I sit and I cannot even begin to imagine where their work will take them. So, if fate allows you to let even one artist into your life and come to appreciate the time and care taken with each creation, you won't regret opening the door for Kris and Jim. And just so you cannot say that I didn't tell you, chances are good that you'll either begin or add to your collection of works when you visit their site.

Oh, by the way, here's one more item of interest -- it may not be much longer before their daughter, Nicole, begins adding her gifts in drawing and design to the family business! So, is this a find or what? With only a hint of information to begin this article, Kris and Jim have endured my endless questions and prodding's with patience, and having become only a small part of their life, I've been blessed a thousand times over, and my gratitude comes straight from my heart!

 Visit the Enchantagrave website to view more Kris O'Conner creations.



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