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From the Egg Shelf
with Karen Myers

Egg Artist June Walker

 If you've read a few of the articles I've written for Emu's Zine, you'll find that there is a common thread amongst our artists -- and that thread is the loyal and loving support they have. I don't think that it's coincidence but maybe, divine intervention?  I believe that you'll believe that our featured artist has someone believing in them

Walker2a.jpg (22950 bytes)  Walker2b.jpg (22403 bytes)

To this day, I am awed by the beauty of eggs and other artistic creations that are graciously shared with me from artists and friends around the world.  I've had the good fortune, too, of being taken aback by the subtle and all encompassing beauty of the eggs created by June Walker. There are no shortcuts taken in her work and to all of us, except maybe June herself, her art is flawless in its cries to be enjoyed.   

Walker6a.jpg (13191 bytes) Walker6b.jpg (24757 bytes)  

Taking you back 45 years ago, Bill was serving as "Headmaster" of a small one room, one teacher school with 43 students ranging in age from 5 to 13 years old. At the same time, June was managing a business in the small Queensland town of Roma. It was at this time that the two of them met. A few months later, they met again at a wedding reception at which Bill was singing. As Bill put it, "From that night on, a strong and enduring relationship developed and lead to a marriage of almost 44 years." 

Walker4.jpg (34799 bytes) All events in our lives are seldom understood at the time they occur, but they often prove fortuitous. While in Sydney, June was finally able to become involved with her loves in life -- helping others and using her innate artistic skills. Later, when Bill's job with IBM took them to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, June could apply herself to learning various forms of arts and crafts and, most especially, the beautiful crafts of Asia, which is that subtle influence in her art. 

When the family returned to Australia, moving to Hervey Bay, June's interest in egging was renewed where there was one person in Hervey Bay doing some basic designs. That was enough for June and she armed herself with a goose egg, a pencil, toothpicks, glue, a borrowed hinge, and various items for decoration. June's egging quickly turned into a passion! She started buying arts and crafts supplies and traveled to farms where June bought, Bill carried, and both of them cleaned hundreds of eggs of all varieties and sizes. With more work, more lessons self-taught, encouragement from Bill, and exposure for June's work that Bill gained over the internet, there was no doubting that this wonderful lady was going places with her art. They made even more friends over the Internet and soon learned about the 1996 Dallas Eggs-ibit and made sure to attend the exhibition.
Upon their return home, June formed a Friendship Group, which met once a week to "egg". Last year, Bill and June moved to Hervey Bay City where June finally has a fully equipped studio where she and her friends can create some exciting and wonderful designs. "All good things come to those who wait" and it isWalker3.jpg (17611 bytes) certainly true for June Walker. She creates eggs for exhibitions and charities, as well as for friends and family. She's been featured on television stations and numerous newspaper articles have been written about her and her work. June and Bill mad a truly wonderful journey to Kuala Lumpur earlier this year where June exhibited 80 of her breathtaking creations, taught numerous classes, and gave a number of demonstrations. 

For all of our friends Down-Under, don't miss out on any opportunity to work with June, as I'm sure you’ll never regret it! For those of us everywhere else -- well June and Bill, I do hope that you two "Roving Oldies" will show up in our neck of the woods sometime soon! In the meantime, thanks for sharing your many gifts...


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"Eggs Elegant™"
9 Eurong Avenue
Hervey Bay
Australia 4655





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