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September/October 2000Karen Myers

Two Texas Ladies 
Show off their Creativity

by Karen Myers

There was a time, years ago, when I was on the outside looking in at the overnight explosion of emus and their by-products. I listened to folks count aloud the lean meat, the leather, and the cosmetic grade oil -- but the only reference to emu eggs at that time, was the astronomical prices for purchasing fertile eggs. It was definitely not even a thought of mine, at that time, of being able to create works of art and inspiration from the Emu's egg shell, leather, feathers, or claws.  But as the song went, "Times they are a-changing..." 

  Laquint.jpg (12314 bytes)   One wonderful woman who discovered the crafting aspect of these products is LaQuinta Long of Sumner, Texas. LaQuinta's journey into egg art began at the end of the 1997-laying season. And what began as selling eggs to others for cooking, turned into the discovery of eggshell sculpting and a wide swath of different techniques aided by "The Creativeside" list on the Internet and being taken under Beverly Gaus' wing... From that modest beginning, LaQuinta has since honed her skills on jeweled, musical, mechanical, decoupaged, and beaded eggs to name only a few. She has also created necklaces and collars made of emu feathers, along with some emu claw necklaces.

  single claw necklaces by LaQuinta  matching claw necklace & earrings by LaQuinta  

Single Claw Necklace, Earring & Claw necklace set by LaQuinta Long

   Not long ago, Myra and I spied some vests made of emu leather combined with other materials. One style is a woman's vest made of denim bottoms with emu leather collars and buttons. The second style is a slightly longer vest with full emu suede fronts and silk backs, and on the back there is a small belt for adjusting the size. As it turns out, there are only a handful of these beautiful creations left, and these few can be obtained from LaQuinta. The origin of the vest, however, is Corrine Power of PK Creations.

  Denvest.jpg (16390 bytes)  Sudevst.jpg (15751 bytes)

Vest Designs by Corrine Power

   Corrine and her husband, Ted Kology, were in the emu business for a brief four years. At the time she was working with leather it had to be shipped to Poland since there was no one in the US who knew how to tan the leather. What happened next was that Corrine designed the vests and hired a seamstress to turn her ideas into reality. It turns out, too, that Corrine had some of the leather dyed and has some black emu hides remaining, that she would be happy to sell to anyone wanting to explore more possibilities with the leather. 

clws-PKCreations.jpg (11609 bytes)  j2_jpg32011100249518_30.jpg (7589 bytes)  kr1_jpg32011353771661_30.jpg (5646 bytes) 

Claw necklace & earring sets, keyring by Corrine Powers

   Both LaQuinta and Corrine graciously endured my barrage of questions about the products they may have made from the leather -- belts, wallets, fanny packs, more vests, checkbook covers, or even bolo ties -- but we didn't explore that territory, since neither of them worked in these areas. Of course, you have to realize that when I start searching for information, I quit when I run out of steam! Please know, though, that I would love to hear from anyone who has done more work with the emu leather and who would also be willing to endure yet another barrage of questions and unending requests for pictures!

     All in all, I have to admit that this was a truly wonderful journey. I met two lovely ladies and have grown a bit closer to them. On top of all of this, I've had the opportunity to explore Corrine and Ted's website, http//www.pkcreations.net  and enjoyed the vast array of creations in which they have given life to their imaginations with engraved eggs, jewelry (take a look at "Claws", a necklace made of polished emu claws, buffalo horn, and silver), paintings, and even some peach pit and emu claw keyrings! The keyring created from an emu claw with an eagle in scrimshaw was my favorite.

     With LaQuinta, you simply cannot help but love her! She gives of herself to anyone who takes the time, and the warmth received in return will definitely impact your heart. All of you will need to visit her photo albums, among which you'll see a variety of work and inspiration. Be sure to take a look at her work at http://albums.photopoint.com/j/AlbumList?u=397939 and please don't  forget to look at her "Gallery of Eggs". And you do have to look at her jewelry -- even though she told me not too! Most of all, if you want an emu vest; you'll have to contact her soon. At the rate she is selling them, I hope that there will be maybe one left for sale by the time this is on the Internet!

LaQuinta Long 
c/o Longneck Emu's
Route 2, Box 127-F,
Sumner, TX 75486 .  
Email:  tlong@koyote.com  Please put vest or necklace in the subject line.

Corrine Power can be reached through her web site at http://www.pkcreations.net or pkart@n-link.com or you can write to her at:

PK Creations
108 North Summer Street
Lampasas, TX 76550
(512) 556-5243



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