Tickle Your Fancy

by Karen Lawton




For this month’s project we are going to work with emu feathers and color.  We’ll start out with the naturally beautiful emu feather:


Notice the long narrow web or vane of the feather-this allows artists and crafter to bend and shape the feathers for many projects.  I like lots of color in my work and used Rit dye, starting with the primary colors of red, blue and yellow and then went on to combine the primary colored dyes to make purple, orange, and teal.  Dying the feathers is a big job so do as many at a time as you can so you will have the colors available when you need them.  After dying my feathers I spread them out on newspaper to dry overnight:



Now you have LOTS of colorful feathers to play with.  You saw the wreath above where I hot glued them to a foam ring.  We could also mount them in a vase:

or we could repaint and glitter a bride figurine from the dollar store and turn her into a feathered showgirl:


I also design my own greeting cards with rubber stamps and fancy papers and used them to make dragonfly wings on this Asian themed card:

I hope I have given you some and colorful ideas for creating artwork with emu feathers.  Here’s wishing all of you a wonderful summer! 

You can view more of Karen's  work at: http://eggartnetwork.com/members/eleganteggs/ or contact her at: frk@charter.net.

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