Emu Leather Post-It Notebook
by Karen Lawton


Hope everyone had a wonderful summer.  Let’s make a post-it notebook and pen with emu leather that will have everyone going back to school and looking to autumn in real style! 


Exacto knife
4x6” post-it note pad
Velcro  poster hanger dots
Handmade paper with floral inclusions
3 x 7” piece of emu leather
Emu legging
Decorative corner punch
Decorative wallpaper
Decorative button, yarn and beads
Extra strong double sided sticky tape
6x9” rectangular piece of wallpaper
E-6000 glue
Ball point pen
Assorted seed beads


  1. Cut two (2) cardboard pieces approximately ¼” larger than the size of your post-it pad.  These will be the front and back covers of your notebook:


  1. Cut two (2) sheets of handmade paper approximately 1” larger than cardboard pieces.  Lay cardboard on top of paper, apply white glue around edges, fold over and miter corners and glue paper edges down all the way around cardboard pieces: 

  1. Lay covered cardboard on top of emu leather piece leaving enough room for a binding when your book is closed.  Glue leather to cardboard pieces. Fold top and bottom of leather pieces over and add white glue:

4.  Cut legging in the shape of a flap long enough to fold over to the front of your notebook:


5.  Run sticky tape along inside covers:

6: Cut a piece of decorative wallpaper just large enough to fit around the inside covers.  Punch four corners and adhere to inside covers:

7.  White glue your post-it pad to the inside right cover:


8.  Cut a piece of emu leather and glue to the front cover and place Velcro dot on top of leather piece.  This will keep the paper from tearing each time you open the notebook.  Place the other half of Velcro dot inside legging flap. 

  1. Now the fun part-decorating your notebook in your own style!  I covered the raw edge along the binding with gold braid, glued a decorative button to the front and draped yarn and beads.  Make a fabulous looking pen by covering a ball point pen with strong sticky tape and dip in seed beads. 


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