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Vivian Hutcheson Art Masks

Whether you simply love it as a decorative accent or want one to complete your renaissance faire persona, a mask from the Vivian Hutcheson collection is the ultimate ‘finishing touch’.  Each mask is an original work of art and takes a week to 10 days to complete.  While she is willing to make a mask similar to one already sold, Hutcheson says “I have no interest in making the same design over and over again.”  Commissioned pieces may take longer depending on the complexity of the design.  The "Summer Queen" mask (above left) was a commissioned piece inspired by the painting by Michael Whelan.

Each mask starts out as a thin paper mache strip that is positive cast on forms sculpted by Hutcheson herself.  The material ensures the mask will be thin and flexible while remaining strong enough to support ornamentation and wear.  Each form is based on a different type of face shape; consequently the mask will sit differently on different faces.  Variations in the eye-hole size and shape will also influence fit.  Hutcheson recommends that if the primary reason for purchasing a mask is to wear it, that it be tried on first.   When not being worn, the mask can be displayed as an decorating accent in a variety of ways.  The masks are easy to care for, requiring little more than occasional dusting and to be kept away from water. 

The ornate Venetian style masks are suitable for Noble or Spenserian Faeries as well as human courts.  Lush masks rich with lace, jewels and ribbon are available for the prosperous members of faire court, while simpler designs for the less affluent are on hand as well.  All of these traditional masks are overlaid with a rich layer of metal leaf in either gold, silver, copper or bronze.   In addition to the traditional style, she offers several versions embellished with a variety of feather choices, including emu and pheasant.  

Hutcheson has found her newest mask line to be very popular with the Rustic or Shakespearian Faeries who often use leaves or other foliage as ornamentation.  The Birch Bark Series utilizes paper thin sheets of birch bark and are much lighter than they appear.   Some are embellished with feathers, high-end silk flowers or silk leaves.  The feathers used come from farmed birds and are a by-product of, and not the reason for, harvesting.  “I buy directly from the farmer whenever possible.” says Hutcheson.

Hutcheson is deeply concerned about the environment and states that one of the things she enjoys most about creating these beautiful masks is that it involves recycling things such as paper, lace, old jewelry and so forth into beautiful new forms. 

Each mask made by Hutcheson is a signed, titled, original work of art.  Prices start at $40.00 US.

Visit Vivian Hutcheson online at ArtMasks


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