By Karen Lawton


For this issue’s project we are going to make a wooden serving tray showcasing a wolf howling at the moon-all made from emu leather! 


  • Wooden serving tray (9x12”)

  • Patina Kit (includes 3 bottles of acrylic paint; dark green, light green and bronze)

  • Wolf Pattern

  • Sharp Scissors

  • Emu leather- 3 colors

  • Krylon Crystal Clear spray sealer

  • Rubber cement

  • Sea sponge

  • Pourable two part resin

  • White pearl acrylic paint

  • Fine grit sandpaper

  • Green aquarium gravel

  • White tacky glue 

  • Black felt tip marker 


1.Start with a plain wooden tray and lightly sand with fine grit sandpaper.  This prepares the tray for painting.

2.  Paint tray all over with darkest color from patina kit.   Dampen sea sponge and sponge on lighter color and finally with metallic color-let all coats dry between applications. 


3.  Size wolf pattern on copy machine to fit tray and make two copies.  Cut out each section of the wolf and moon on one copy and use the other copy as a reference.  Notice each section is numbered to help keep track of where each section will go. 


4.  Using sharp scissors. Cut a whole wolf from one color of leather and use this as the base.  Keep cutting sections (head, legs, tail) in other colors of leather and layer onto the base.  Measurements do not have to be exact but cut points around the layering pieces for more realism. Cut a piece for his nose and ear.  Draw an eye with a black felt tip marker.  Cut a piece for the moon and paint with white pearl paint.   


5.  Assemble all pieces and center and glue to the bottom of the tray as flat as possible with rubber cement. Press firmly.  Apply white glue around the wolf’s feet and sprinkle aquarium gravel and let glue dry.  Mix and pour approximately 1 cup of epoxy resin over entire bottom of tray.  Let dry overnight.  Instead of epoxy a piece of glass cut to fit the bottom of the tray could also be used. 


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