After a long winter we are finally headed for spring so lets make a beautiful vase from an emu shell for our spring flowers.


  • Whole and cleaned emu eggshell
  • Cutting tool such as a Dremel
  • Glitter spray
  • Silk flower bouquet
  • Royal Coat decoupage glue by Plaid (or Mod Podge gloss)
  • Decorative tissue paper
  • Gold braid-1/2 wide and wide
  • Small scissors
  • Paintbrush
  • White grease pencil
  • Egg marker or elastics
  • E-6000 adhesive
  1. Measuring lengthwise, mark halfway point on eggshell with white grease pencil.  Make another mark 1 above halfway mark towards the top of the egg.  We will be cutting at this mark and the top portion of the egg will be the base of our vase. Im a leftie but hold your pencil and tape measure so it works best for you.

2.      On the very end of the egg, preferably around the blow hole, mark a circle about the size of a quarter.

  1. If you have an egg marker, mark all the way around the egg.  If you dont have an egg marker, use an elastic band. 

4.      With your cutting tool, cut around the line you marked 1 above the center and also the end piece that you marked.  The smaller piece will be the vase stand and the larger piece will fit into the hole of the stand. 

5.      Randomly tear the tissue paper into small 2 pieces. 

  1. Paint your eggshell pieces with decoupage glue and press tissue pieces onto eggshell, leaving about overlap at the top of each shell piece.  Completely cover both eggshells in this manner and trim so overlap is even.  Paint decoupage glue just on the inside rim of the eggshell and fold tissue paper and press into glue on the inside rim of the shell. Paint two additional coats of decoupage glue to outside of shell pieces but let dry between coats for a nice glossy finish. 

7.      Mount the larger eggshell bottom down into the hole of the smaller eggshell with E-6000 glue.  Glue gold braid around upper and bottom rim of vase.  Glue braid where upper shell meets the vase stand.  To give our flower bouquet extra sparkle, spray glitter all over and let dry.  Place bouquet into vase. 

Karen Lawton is the owner of Elegant Eggspressions


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