Karen Lawton, Arts and Crafts Editor

Emu Egg Jewelry Box

By Karen Lawton

Emu egg jewelry box

This is an excellent project for recycling your broken emu egg shells into a work of art to store your beautiful jewelry pieces.  What a wonderful holiday gift this would make!  Gather your materials first:

*   Cigar box-label covered or wood

*   Black spray paint

*   Broken emu shell pieces

*   Aileens white tacky glue

*   Gold braid

*   Gold chain

*   Rub ‘n Buff-gold leaf

*   Cameo

*  Gold Upholstery Fabric Remnant

1.      Trim all loose paper from cigar box.

emu egg jewelry box to be

2.      Thoroughly cover box inside and out with black spray paint.

3.  Mount cameo in center lid of box and surround with gold chain. Adhere with white glue.   Smear tacky glue all over lid and press broken shells into glue.  Cover lid and sides of box in this fashion. Let glue dry overnight.


4.  Cover center cameo and chain with tin foil.  Paint box again with black spray paint. Let dry.

5. Rub box lid and sides with Rub ‘n Buff gold leaf cream

6. Line the inside of the box with upholstery fabric.  Cut pieces so that there is a 1/4” border all the way around the lid and box bottom.

7.  Cover all rough edges with gold braid.

8.  Cover rim of outside lid with gold braid.  You’re finished!!

9.      Now your box is ready for your jewelry such as these beautiful pieces made from emu shells from Jody’s Designs. You may contact Jody at JodyRDA@aol.com .



























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