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Expressions by Sharon
Emu Egg Kaleidoscope
972-287-3162----Copyright©1997----Sharon  Gillespie

  • Paint  the egg with acrylic paint a color as close to the color of the beads as possible. HELPFUL HINT: You can also paint the egg at this point with a thinned coat of white glue which will help your beads to grab more quickly and evenly.
  • Use Sobo glue that dries clear ( in an applicator which allows for a small, even flow of glue ) , make a line of glue on the egg around the adapter or the bottle ( if doing a emu kaleidoscope ) and then around the eye piece of the kaleidoscope and affix braiding or rhinestone banding.
  • Determine and draw your design for the remainder of the braid or rhinestone banding and glue in place.
  • Allow this to dry completely, checking to be sure that the banding has remained in place where desired.
  • Take on strand of your beads from the hank and tie thread around last bead on each end to prevent  the beads from coming unstrung.
  • Make a small, even line of glue along one side of the banding in one section of your egg, laying your beads straight in the glue and pulling the string out, leaving the beads in place.
  • Always work from the outside of  a section towards the middle, alternating the long portion and the shorter portion ( the portion next to the adapter, bottle, or eyepiece).
  • You should finish one complete section before proceeding  to the next, allowing that section to dry thoroughly so that the beads do not become misplaced.
  • When you get to the center of a section, place your beads as evenly as possible, adjusting as needed. These beads will probably not be on a string, but will be placed individually to cover the uneven space remaining.
  • After the egg is entirely beaded, you can affix additional finding over the uneven center of a section to create sparkle and interest. This can be gold leaves, rhinestone circles, etc.
The same instructions can be used to bead perfume bottles, etc. Have fun and remember that the instructions are a guideline only and should not be the only way to bead. Try  many different designs and the use of braid and rhinestone banding is interchangeable.

Beading Instructions

If you would like to try this yourself, kaleidoscope kits and beading
supplies are available through:

Sharon Gillespie
 PO Box 206
 Seagoville, TX 75159



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