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Alpha Awards
LSU Professor Honored for Work with Emu Leather

"One of my graduate students and I worked together to develop a four minute
video documenting the entire class project, where the emu garments were
designed and developed."  Dr. Bonnie D. Belleau informed us.  Dr. Belleau is Professor of Apparel Design/Production in the School of Human Ecology at Louisiana State University and was recently honored for her work with emu leather by Fashion Group International, Alpha Region.

The Fashion Group International Inc., founded in 1931, is a global nonprofit organization of more than 6,000 members representing all the areas of fashion and related industries.  Each year the various regions hold design competitions and honor innovative members in such categories as Ready to Wear Collections, Accessory Design, Men’s Wear, etc..  The Alpha region held their competition in September.  At this time, Dr. Bonnie D. Belleau received two first place awards for her work with emu leather.     The categories in which Dr. Belleau was honored were:

1.  Collection of ready-to-wear  - for a collection of emu leather garments designed and executed by apparel design senior students and directed by Dr. Belleau.

2.  Fashion Training - for a video documenting the semester-long class project of promoting the use of emu leather in fashion apparel applications.

Dr. Belleau went on to say that funding for the project came from the Louisiana Emu Association and that she wishes to acknowledge the work of the entire Human Ecology 4045 class and invaluable assistance from two Textiles and Apparel graduate students: Monica Santaella and Gillian Sims.

Alpha1.jpg (45951 bytes)Dr. Belleau and graduate student, Monica Santaella at the Alpha Awards Banquet.

If you would like to view the winning collection, please visit From Fowl to Fashion, an Emu Leather Project



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