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'Colin Gets a Chance': A Child With Down Syndrome Finally Gets to Play the Sport He Loves Thanks to the Understanding and Acceptance of His Teammates

SPRINGFIELD, Pa., Sept. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Brian A. Beale has written a touching story on the acceptance of children during the most difficult of situations in "Colin Gets a Chance" (published by AuthorHouse -- http://www.authorhouse.com/).

Coach Lee is typical of most; he wants to win so he plays the best players. Colin is like all little boys that love the game of baseball; he just wants to play. Only one thing has gotten between Colin and his dream. He has Down syndrome. Colin knows he isn't the best on the team but he holds on to his dream that one day he will get his chance. Colin's dream is about to come true.

The story takes place on the day of the biggest game of the year. The game is tied, the winning run is on third, and Colin hasn't been chosen to play all season. Colin sits on the bench and dreams of playing the game he loves when his teammate, Billy, on behalf of the team, asks the coach to let Colin bat for him. They all decided it was now their turn to cheer for Colin.

"Colin Gets a Chance" is a story about acceptance, leadership and hope. It provides a unique approach to parents in opening up the lines of communication with their children regarding a topic as sensitive as Down syndrome and the significant impact children have on their peers. After all, everyone deserves "a chance" in life.

Author Brian A. Beale wrote "Colin Gets a Chance" in honor of his son, Colin, who was born in December 1998. Brian and his wife, Mary, were so excited about having their first child when they were thrown life's biggest curveball with just five words: "Your son has Down syndrome."

After receiving this news, Brian wiped the tears from his eyes, realizing it didn't change the love he had for his newborn son, and he set out to turn the experience into a positive one. Brian and Mary founded a non-profit foundation to raise the awareness of Down syndrome and how much these individuals have to offer, while donating the proceeds to special needs organizations, but Brian always knew he wanted to do more.

With a Bachelor's Degree in English and a passion for writing, Brian decided to write his first children's book in an effort to open up the lines of communication between parents and teachers with their children regarding the highly sensitive and often very delicate subject of Down syndrome and disabilities in general.

All the illustrations in the book are completed by individuals with Down syndrome, truly exemplifying what they can do if just given a chance. As Brian collected illustrations for this book, he felt inspired, motivated, and generally overwhelmed with a sense of pride and accomplishment, knowing how hard each of these kids worked to be a part of this endeavor.

Brian and Mary live in Springfield, Pennsylvania with their son, Colin, and his two younger sisters, Samantha and Chrissy, who are learning more every day about Colin, Down syndrome, disabilities, and acceptance. Brian's hope is that through his book, "Colin Gets a Chance," many other children will learn the same. http://www.colingetsachance.com/


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