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Home Style Skin Care
By Maisha Liwaru

You can create your own skin care products. Add a few drops of essential oil to your lotion, bubble bath, bath & body oil, massage oil and even face cream. Perfume Oils by Maisha sells unscented skin care products that are perfect for this purpose. For dry skin add any of the following peppermint (just a tiny, tiny bit), clary sage, rosemary, sandalwood, rose, jasmine.  For normal skin add chamomile, lavender, ylang ylang. Oily skin needs lavender, lemon, cedar wood, basil and sensitive skin will benefit from neroli, chamomile, rose, and rosewood. As a general rule the following is a guide for adding scents:



Bath and Body Oil


Bubble Bath/Shower Gel





.10 - .50%

Massage Oil


If you have time for a luxury facial in a posh salon, lucky you.  If you are like me and hardly have time to glance at a posh salon on my way to one of the million places I have to go during the week, try to find the time to treat yourself at home with a fresh home facial.  Choose one tablespoon of warm avocado, almond or sweet almond oil and add a couple of drops fresh lemon oil. Set aside for a moment, while you cleanse your face thoroughly. Gently massage the warmed oil into your face and neck, then cover your face with a warm towel and relax for a while and just listen to your heartbeat.  Did you know that if you and your mate touch each other’s chest to feel your mutual heartbeats, you will synchronize?
For a fresh mask, mash a handful of fresh mint with wheat germ oil.  Spread on a clean face and neck.  Relax for a while and think about absolutely nothing.  Then rinse off and massage any residue I to your skin and, if you have dry skin, apply an astringent.
Male or female, your crowning glory will shine like a head full of tiny jewels.  Essential oils are very beneficial for the hair.  For those with dark hair, add a few drops of rosemary oil to the final rinse water after shampooing.  But if you have light-colored hair, add a few drops of chamomile oil in an ounce of cold pressed sweet almond oil or olive oil.  Massage the oil into your scalp and leave on for an hour with your head covered with a warm towel.  Then shampoo and rinse well. This is for everyone, regardless of your hair type or color.  Coat the bristles of your brush with rosemary oil before brushing your hair.
Now let's graduate to actually making some bath and body products.

Bubble Bath
1 quart Water
2 ounces  Glycerin
1 Bar castile soap – grated
3 drops  Perfume or Essential Oil
You must first convert the soap into liquid by grating 1 bar of castile soap into 1 quart of warm water. Mix the soap and water well so that you have a liquid soap solution. Either one of two ingredients can be used to convert liquid soap into bubble bath.  Are they can be used together. The old fashion way is to add by glycerin to the liquid soap because glycerin has the ability to make bubbles and increase suds. Coconut oil can be used as a substitute for glycerin, however it costs more. Coconut oil does create an nice lather. Both glycerin and coconut oils soften the skin.
Bath Milk
1 cup Powdered milk                                              
1 Tbsp baking powder          
½ cup Epsom salts   
1 tsp. Cornstarch
3-6 drops Tea Tree Essential oil
Mix all the ingredients with a whisk.  Add oil and thoroughly blend.  Mix in a small amount of the bubble bath you made if you want a foaming milk bath.
Body Powder
½ cup cornstarch
4 Tbsp rice flour
5 drops of any fragrance perfume or essential oil (more if you want a more intense fragrance)
Mix the cornstarch and rice flour well with whisk or in a food processor.  Add drops and blend well.
(Optional: Add powdered lavender flowers or powdered rose petals.)
Lip Balm
3 Tbsp. beeswax
¼ cup sweet almond, jojoba or apricot oil
2 tsp. Pure honey
½ teas. Vitamin E oil
10 drops of spearmint, tangerine, lemon or orange essential oil (or you can use flavored oil)
Melt beeswax over very low heat.  Remove from the heat and stir in oils and honey.  Pour into small containers and cool.  If you want thin gloss, add more oil.
Skin Toner
1 1/2 cups apple cider vinegar
1/4 cup fresh or dried lavender
1/4 cup fresh mint leaves

Heat apple cider vinegar to boiling.  Add lavender and fresh mint leaves.  Bottle and allow to infuse for about 10 days. Shake daily.  Strain and dilute with 6 parts distilled water before using.
Facial Cleanser
1/2 cup rose water
1/2 cup glycerin

Combine rose water and glycerin in an enamel pan and heat to a boil.  Store and shake well before each use.
Face Cream
1        oz. beeswax
4        oz. olive oil
1        oz. sweet almond oil
1        oz. rosewater
8        drops essential oil
Melt the beeswax over low heat and  add the oils stirring continuously.  When cool add essential oil.  This should be stored in  opaque containers.
2/3-cup sweet almond oil
1 Tbsp. lanolin
1 Tbsp. coca butter
Pinch borax
2 Tbsp. spring water
6-8 drops of any fragrance essential or perfume oil.
Stir borax into heated spring water.  Add to melted cocoa butter, lanolin and oil.  Beat until cool and creamy.  Add essential oil and stir.
After Shave
½  cup witch hazel
2 drops essential oil
½ tsp. lemon juice
2 Tbsp. glycerin
Mix all ingredients together and bottle.

One of the best night preparations for your face is a mixture of olive oil and emu oil.  

To slough dry skin from your feet and soothe sore tired feet, add a teaspoon of salt to ½ cup of Noxzema type cream or even better peppermint lotion.  After soaking in warm water and Perfume Oils by Maisha foot soak, rub feet with mixture until they feel smooth, rinse and dab dry with a fluffy towel.
Next time, let’s talk about storing and cooking with essential oils.

Maisha Liwaru is the owner and CEO of  Perfume Oils by Maisha



        Emu's Zine does not diagnose, prescribe or dispense medical advice.  We report and attempt to educate the public about the possible health benefits derived through the use of emu oil based products and consumption of low cholesterol, low fat emu meat.   This site contains personal testimonies and professional observations.   We encourage people to contact their family physicians regarding any health problems they may have for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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