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By Maisha Liwaru

 You were introduced to some of the prominent members of the essential oil family in my last article.  And were promised to meet a few more this month along with an in-dept discussion about vanilla essential oil.  I hope that you will not be upset by my change of heart.  I have decided to focus on Miss Popularity of the essential oil family and that is Lavender.  I gave you a quick intro last time but since Lavender is so popular I decided to start my series of highlighted discussions with it.

I had an exciting holiday at the beginning of December, which was great fun but very stressful and tiring.  Before I could recoup, I was swamped by last minute Christmas shoppers placing orders that of course had to be filled and mailed in time for Christmas morning.  I enjoyed that challenge and I think our company met it well.  Lots of satisfied customers and only two minor snafus, which we rebounded from with class and satisfied customers.  But the excitement of the season left me reeling as it does every year.  That is why I decided to focus on Lavender this time.

I think we can all stand a little relaxation about now. Everyone in the world, who knows essential oils, loves lavender. And why shouldn’t we?  The lavender flower is beautiful, smells heavenly and is so therapeutic.  It has so many uses.  The high level of esters, aromatic compounds, in lavender produce the effects of relaxation, comfort and balance, which are so precious especially this time of year.  

The name Lavender comes from the Latin verb meaning wash.  The Romans bathed in lavender scented water. One of the best ways to relax after the holidays is to do as the Romans and take a nice long warm bath scented with lavender bubble bath daily for the next few days. You can also add about 8 drops of lavender essential oil to the tub after you get in the tub.  By waiting, you will get the full benefit as the oil diffuses. You will come to understand why zoos use lavender oil on lions and tigers to keep them calm. After the bath, rub the body down with emu oil or sprinkle with lavender scented talcum powder. 

Lavender has other benefits such as, anti-venom properties. 

Lavender, which comes in many types, are hard to grow and the flowers do not yield a lot of oil.  This makes them extremely valuable. Lavenders grow wild and are cultivated usually in France.  The very best lavender grows in France and the best of the best is grown in the highlands of France.  The French government protects Highland Lavender and its name.  It is very diverse but is not as relaxing and aromatic as Extra, Super Lavender that grows wild in France.

Regardless of it origin, lavender is the best source of stress reducing essential oil.  While it is especially useful at this time of year, Lavender should be your stable essential oil throughout the year.  Weather you carry a small bottle around with you to sniff when needed or have lavender massage now and then, don’t forget this wonderfully versatile essential oil.

Please remember, do not use essential oils directly on the body.  Always use carrier oil and of course, one of the best is emu oil. 

Next time I will briefly introduce you to a few more members of the essential oil family and then focus on my favorite essential, sandalwood.

Maisha Liwaru is the owner and CEO of  Perfume Oils by Maisha


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