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Introduction to Aromatherapy

By Maisha Liwaru

When I was asked to write for this column, I jumped at the opportunity to spread the word about aromatherapy.  But every time I thought about writing, I was in the middle of another of life’s situations.   So your introduction to aromatherapy and myself has been postponed several times.   Once again, the urge to postpone came over me.  It is the nature of life that dictates, we will always be at the beginning, middle or end of a life situation.  Actually we are usually in one stage or another of several life situations. One of the tools I use to help me through, around or over those situations is aromatherapy.  It was the emergence of that realization, which caused me to finally start writing this article. 

My interest in aromatherapy began 15 years ago.  After being a stay at home mom for years, I started to help my husband with his perfume oil business.  It was just a sideline for him, at that time. I helped so much, that I finally helped him out of the ownership of the business and myself into the position.  Not a hostile take over.  He is a psychologist and was happy to reverse roles and become my assistant, leaving him more time for other pursuits. 

The introduction of essential oils to our inventory came early in my administration.  We were living in California, at the time.  Being born in the mid west, I naturally have a love of the area and the people but have to admit that Californians and New Yorkers seem to latch on to the new trends first.  Of course, aromatherapy is nothing new to the rest of the world, but mainstream America is just starting to take notice.  You can’t sell essential oils without knowing something about aromatherapy, so I taught myself.  Some lessons were learned by divine providence.

My first encounter with Emu oil came several years ago, when my husband and I had a booth at a renaissance fair.  One of the other vendors was selling Emu oil at their stand.  What they told us about the product was amazing and after testing it, we found their claims to be true.  We were so excited that, when we got back home, we called a family meeting, to introduce them to our newfound miracle.  I had already decided to use Emu oil as one of my carrier oils for aromatherapy. The whole family sat patiently as we presented our findings and then we passed  the Emu oil around for their close inspection.  When the oil reached one of my sons in law, who is from West Africa, it stopped.  He sniffed, rubbed it between his fingers and then said,  “This is from a bird from my country. We have been using this oil for generations.” (He was speaking of the ostrich which is the cousin of the emu. ) Then he couldn’t avoid laughing at our backwardness.  But that really isn’t the problem.  We, like to many others, tend to discard the past for the present without reaching back to pull forward that with is not only useful but “essential”. So our first steps forward in our discussions of aromatherapy will be backward to its’ beginnings. 

In future articles, I will first share information about the origins of aromatherapy and it’s ancient usage. As a science, it has endured the ticking of time. By looking at the history of aromatherapy, one cannot help but to establish an admiration and appreciation of its’ timeless value.  A general over view of the uses of individual fragrances will be discussed, as well as recipes for various “situations”. Later, individual fragrances will be discussed in-depth, one per article.

 As I learn, I will teach. I believe that with every difficulty there is relief and that aromatherapy is one of the many difficulty releases God has given us.  And of course, aromatherapy does not just touch the difficult times of our lives.  It can enhance and set the stage for our good times, as well.  So, we will be celebrating the wealth aromatherapy brings to our lives, even when we are not aware of it. 

Looking forward to a long relationship with you and Emuszine.         

Maisha Liwaru is the owner and CEO of  Perfume Oils by Maisha



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