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By Maisha Liwaru


Most people are skeptical when they first hear about Aromatherapy. They can’t believe that a fragrance can actually have an affect on their intellect, mood, and sex life.  Some still think that Aromatherapy is on the same credibility level as psychics and horoscopes.  The fact that Aromatherapy is actually based on scientific findings is surprising to many. We have an essential oil testing area in our store.  We love to give novice ideas about how to inculcate essential oils and Aromatherapy into their lives, as we have.

I pray five times a day, morning, noon, late afternoon, evening and night.  I mention this because I have found that these are perfect times for me to sculpture my day with essential oils. I rub a few drops of the time appropriate fragrance mixed with a carrier such as emu oil, jojoba, vitamin E, sweet almond oil, or a blend of any of them into the palm of my hands just before prayer. At the end of prayer, I wipe my hands over my face.  The scent from my hands helps transition my day into the next phase. Many of us have markers in our day that could be used in the same way I use my prayer times.  

Mornings are citrus time.  If you do not want to apply the essential oil then just keep a small bottle of any citrus scent next to your bed or in the bathroom. Then sniff before getting out of bed or while making that morning trip to the bathroom. For an added pick me up, add a few drops of citrus scent to shampoo, conditioner, bubble bath, shower gel and/or lotion. At breakfast, don’t just drink that glass of orange or grapefruit juice, smell it.

Noon and afternoon, grab the peppermint.  The fingertips are a perfect place to apply the oil or just rub a peppermint leaf between your fingers.  Peppermint will perk you up and help with concentration, which tends to fail as the day drags on, if we are at work. According to the Olfactory Research Fund, peppermint increased accuracy among proofreaders.  Oddly enough, most people don’t seem to have a problem with concentration on their day off. No need for a study to figure that out.  Now, if memory is the problem, just try to remember to sniff a little rosemary.  If you feel hungry before time to eat, take a sniff break and inhale peppermint again.

Kick off your shoes and slip into something more comfortable or put the little ones to bed or do whatever you need to do to be ready for some “me” time. Then put a little lavender, sandalwood or chamomile in a diffuser and relax.  If you love to relax in a warm tub in the evening, don’t forget to add a few drops of essential or perfume oil to the water.  Use any fragrance you find relaxing.  If you are fortunate enough to have someone willing to give you a massage, add a few drops of essential oil and some emu oil to your massage oil.  The emu will help carry the essential oil into your body quickly.

Put a cachet scented with one of the above-mentioned relaxing fragrance under your pillow at bedtime for restful sleep and sweet dreams. Or scent your nightgown or pillowcase with lavender. But, if you want those sweet dreams to include “Mr. Right” or “Mr. He’s Not Right But I Want Him Anyway” then scent the cachet with the fragrance he wears and what you imagine he wears. Contradiction for men perfume oil is a very sexy scent. According to a study at the Kinsey Institute that was commissioned by the Olfactory Research Fund, “women who inhaled men’s cologne while fantasizing become more aroused than those who smelled a woman’s perfume scent or a neutral order.” But if you just want to be taken on a relaxing trip back to your childhood, opt for a scent that reminds you of those days. Maybe chocolate, strawberry, or lemonade will help you sleep like a baby.

Special occasions need special scents. One of the most special and stressful days in a woman’s life can be her wedding day.  The bride can relieve a bit of the stress by adding a spray of fresh lavender to her wedding bouquet. It is also fun for the bride to have a special scent blended especially for her for her wedding day. Perfume Oils by Maisha loves to offer that service.  Having guest over can be kind of special, too.  Highlight the evening by using light bulb rings placed on lamps through out the house with different fragrances of perfume oil on each or lighting different fragrances of incense in each room.  Be sure that you rotate fragrances throughout the time your guest our present. Variety is the key, when entertaining, because without it your guest will become bored with the same fragrance.

Baby sitting your grandchild or a friend’s child, the first time they are going to be away from mom?  Scent the house with the comforting scent of banana. One way to do that is to make your own room air freshener by adding a few drops of banana perfume oil to a spray bottle of water.  Shake and spritz. Any other time use any fragrance you like.

 Scent your chores. There are so many products on the market made to sprinkle on the carpet and vacuum up. Or you can add essential or perfume oil to the water in you water- based vacuum or put a fragranced cotton ball or potpourri balls into the vacuum cleaner bag of a non-water base vacuum. Choose a floral scent you like to turn your house into a garden of fragrance. If you are not much of a floral person, vanilla will turn vacuuming into a period of relaxing meditation but watch out because vanilla is an aphrodisiac for women.  By the way, if you want to rive up your husband’s libido, put the scent of pumpkin pie perfume oil in the vacuum, or better yet, bake one.  Washing out lingerie in the bathroom is boring but bearable when a few drops of ylang ylang are added to the sudsy water. When you have one of those days when you have a million runs to make, all over town, and you think you will never get home, the experience can be much brighter.  Plug a car diffuser, scented with peppermint into your lighter.

Tuck a fragrance here and there.  For example, scent cotton balls with lavender, sandalwood, cedar wood or patchouli in drawers to scent lingerie, woolens and the like. You can rub wooden closets, shelves and cupboards, with essential cedar wood, juniper or lavender.

Essential oils are great and have many uses, but remember if all you need is the scent, perfume oils will do.  Perfume oils do not have the therapeutic qualities when applied to the skin as essential oils but they will trick the nose.  Also, essential and perfume oils don’t always work the same on everyone.  For example, if you were slapped as a child by someone wearing lavender based perfume, don’t expect to relax when you smell it as an adult.  Life experiences tailor Aromatherapy to the individual.

Avoid the following oils when pregnant: bitter almond, basil, bay leaf, birch, clary sage, fennel, hyssop, juniper, marjoram, myrrh, oregano pennyroyal, peppermint, rose, rosemary, sage, sassafras, savory, thyme, wintergreen.

Next time, I want to share some recipes for homemade skin care products.

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