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Essential Essentials by Maisha Liwaru 

             Essential oils have assigned duties.  Depending on our personality, some are more essential than others.  When choosing what is essential to use, it will help to identify your personality type.  Each personality has itís own set of essential essentials.

            The phlegmatic personality is usually ďbig bonedĒ. They are somewhat sluggish and one of their favorite pass times is sleeping. This may explain their chronic elimination problems.   If you accumulate possessions with ease and just canít bring yourself to throw any thing away, you may be phlegmatic.  You may be known as lazy, relaxed or laid back, sometimes to the point of being to compromising. Need a friend?  Then seek out this personality type because they are peaceful, agreeable, intuitive, loving, sympathetic and kind.  But donít count on them for a ride to the airport because they will be late.  The phlegmatic is cold (spiritual) and wet (methodical).

 The essential essentials for the phlegmatic personality are as follows:

Birch Benzoin Melissa
Peppermint Clary Sage Neroli
Rosemary Spruce Rose
Bergamot Lime Cedarwood
Lemongrass Marjorm Myrrh
Ylang Ylang

There is no bad personality type.  The melancholic type, however, has traits that need to be controlled, so that they donít control the individual. Most of us would not like to admit to the melancholic personality but will recognize ourselves in this description if it applies to us. I strongly believe that we are armed at birth with the tools we will need to cope with our own particular life situations. It you are melancholic it is for a reason so use it but donít let it use you. If you are melancholic, you over analyze. You are very serious.  If not controlled, fear and worry will overwhelm you. You have a hard time making up your mind.  There is a tendency for moodiness and depression. Your dry sense of humor sometime masks the fact that you are compassionate and concerned. But your suspicious nature causes you to hold back affection.  You would rather live through the lives of others by being a watcher, not a doer. Melancholic is also cold but it is dry (active and impulsive).  Their build is thin.  There needs are:

Pepper Melissa Patchouli
Carrot Clary Sage Sandalwood
Clove Spruce Vetiver
Lemon Jasmine Frankincense

         Sanguine are almost always in the ďpopular groupĒ not just through school but also through life.  That means others sometimes, out of jealousy,  envy them for their articulation, appealing personality, charm and good looks. If you are organized, grounded, and diplomatic then you may be sanguine.  You love a compliment and will even seek them out.  Sanguine types hate being alone so they apologize quickly, sometimes dress flashy and are compulsive and loud talkers. They will sometimes even exaggerate to make a good story.  A sanguine not only volunteers but also often inspires others to join in.   They make good salespeople. The sanguine personality is wet and hot (earthy) They need:

Thyme Anise Rose
Rosewood Basil Neroli
Tea Tree Marjoram Cedar
Cajuput Sandalwood
Rosemary Patchouli

            The choleric personality is a born leader with a slim build. They are dynamic, independent and active with a tendency toward obsessive-compulsive behavior. They tend to be competitive and inflexible.  They get bored by trivia and are too impatient for it.  Tend to be workaholics. Thinkers and planners are usually choleric.  Their short temper and lack of diplomacy makes their lack of a need for friends work for them.  Donít expect a choleric to admit to being wrong, which they seldom are. An apology is out of the question. They are hot and dry and need the following:

Grapefruit Orange Cedar
Lemon Spruce Frankincense
Pine Clary Sage
Tea Tree

Eucalyptus, lavender, nutmeg, and peppermint are essential for almost everyone. This is because essential oils are not singular in their properties and uses.  Your essential carrier oil is Emu oil.  It is so perfect for that and other uses.

On my website, www.wesmellgood.com , there is a questionnaire that may seem some what frivolous, which is used as a guide in custom blends. The questionnaire, however, actually helps us try to determine the personality type of our customer.  Personality is a determining factor in choosing a fragrance.  My husband has been blessed with the ability to look at a customer, body language, dress, etc and, after talking with them briefly, correctly determine what type of fragrances they will like. 

 The next article will explore the use of aromatherapy as an aid to the different body systems.

Maisha Liwaru is the owner and CEO of  Perfume Oils by Maisha




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