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Emu Oil Eases Dog Fight Wounds

According to the American Greyhound Council, most greyhounds have a 2 ˝ to 3-year racing career before being retired.  A very few will race until they are six, but this is rare.  Upon retirement, those selected for breeding are returned to the farms.  Others enter the adoption program sponsored by Greyhound Pets of American and are placed in homes.  

When  Deb, an 8 year old female greyhound, was brought into his office for euthanasia, Veterinarian Greg Daubney  knew exactly who to call.  Judy Tomlinson, former Vice-President, Greyhound Pets of America/Oklahoma, tells us that Deb, who is pictured below, got into a fight with two other greyhounds.  The injuries were extensive and she required approximately 100 stitches. 

 Right flank view of injuried greyhound
The fight took place June 6, 1999.  As can be seen from this photograph, there was extensive damage to the left flank and left shoulder, with skin tears and areas of skin missing.

The right flank suffered several deep wounds and extensive skin loss in three areas.  There was also a long wound on the neck.

“I began using Emu Oil on her within 1 week of her injury. I applied the oil directly to her wounds, and also put several drops in her food twice daily. I was feeding Deb Royal Nutrition Plan Dog Food™ also”, reports Judy Tomlinson “I began noticing improvement within 3 weeks. Deb’s injuries were quite extensive, as shown by the photographs."

Three months later the left shoulder is healed.  The left flank still has some scabbing.

After using emu oil for 3 months, the results are amazing.  All skin has grown back with very little scaring. 

“I was so concerned about how much scarring she would have. As you can see by the photos taken in October, her healing had been phenomenal. Deb’s remarkable recovery, in my opinion, can only be attributed to the Emu products-oil and food, and the outstanding job done by her veterinarian, Dr. Greg Daubney”.  Tomlinson went on to say that she herself has four greyhounds which she feeds Royal Nutrition Plan Dog Food™ and that she uses emu oil on them and any fosters in her care.

Deb has been adopted out and is living in a loving home thanks to the efforts of
Greyhound Pets of America/Oklahoma, Dr. Greg Daubney, emu oil and Royal Nutrition Plan Dog Food™.

Special thanks to EPMI for sharing this story lead with us.  

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