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Flea Allergy Dermatitis

Flea allergy dermatitis occurs in pets that are hypersensitive (allergic) to flea saliva.  Most dogs and cats can tolerate a moderate number of bites each day, but not pets that are flea-allergic.  The itching can take a while to subside even after the fleas are gone, so some pets benefit from additional anti-inflammatory medications.  The itching that these pets experience when bitten is so severe that in most cases there is a hair loss and skin abrasion.  Even one bite can be disastrous.  If you own a cat that is hypersensitive to flea bites and live in an apartment building that is infested, it is a nightmare.

“One of our cats is HIGHLY allergic to fleas and no matter what we did we couldn't get rid of the fleas because the neighbor never bombed her apt or even attempted to get rid of the fleas.” Lisa Fisher went on to say that her neighbor was finally evicted, but not before her cat, Methos, was in bad shape.  “If you can picture a bald cat that looked like it had the worst chicken pox case ever that's what he looked like.”

The situation was pretty desperate, the Fishers had given him shots, used flea dips, powder and everything their vet had suggested, almost to the point (according to the vet) of poisoning the cats.  Methos was even jumping into the bath or shower with her humans in order to relieve the itching.  Already a user of emu oil, Lisa contacted dShae Villoch of dShae’s Essentials and asked if the oil was safe for use on her cats.  After being assured that the cats could lick it off in safety and getting confirmation from her vet that it was a good idea, Lisa shaved the cats to doctor the lesions.  Improvement was almost immediate.  “The flea bites started to heal within days of applying the emu oil but he was also getting some new bites too. Once we rid the apartment of fleas totally he really started to heal quickly. I would say it took about 2 1/2 weeks for the bites to totally disappear. He was bit head to tail I don't think there was any spot on him that wasn't bit.”  Lisa went on to say that Methos loved the daily rub downs.  “He actually seemed to look forward to them. Since then I have even used it to help promote healing when I had my female cat Cleo spayed. Vet said she healed faster than he has ever seen.”

And what about the showers?  Does Methos still join his humans in the bathroom?  Methos loves water. The only thing that he does that really drives me nuts is that he doesn't trust anyone to bath alone. He will sit by the tub and watch who ever is bathing to make sure they don't drown. He'll even do it to Cliff and me.”

Lisa and Cliff Fisher are the owners of Custom Eggs.  They and their son are owned by 2 cats.



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